FAQ + Testimonials

How can a professional organizer help me?

Professional Organizers bring expertise and an objective eye to your situation and have a knowledge of what sustainable organizing requires.  Not only will I organize and contain items, but I will gently guide you on how to let go of unwanted or unused objects that are cluttering your home and making sustainable organizing impossible.  I have found even very organized people  benefit from having a professional organizer assist on certain projects!

How long will it take to get organized?

The answer to that is: it depends!  It depends on the space, level of clutter, and decision-making speed.  Discussing the project scope of the phone can help me give you a rough estimate. Generally, in three hours we can complete a small space such as a closet, laundry room, or entryway. Larger or more complex areas, like home offices, kitchens, basements, or heavily cluttered areas, can take longer.  What I can say for sure is that it won't take as long as it would without the help of a professional organizer!  We know all the tricks of the trade to keep the session on track and productive.

What areas does Simplify Buffalo serve?

Simplify Buffalo serves most of the WNY region - primarily Erie and Niagara counties.  If you live outside these areas, please reach out so we can discuss virtual organizing options!

I'm embarrassed, should I clean before you come?

No! Firstly, your session and anything we discuss is 100% confidential and judgement-free.  I encourage you to NOT clean up your space before the assessment or organizing session because it's helpful for me to see where the problem areas are and how the space functions typically.


"Simplify helped me to "let go" of things I have been storing for years thinking I would need someday. Once we had only the necessities, I walked away and let Amy work her magic. The result looked amazing, easy to maintain and VERY well organized. Now I have my own little sanctuary and a sense of calm in a room that would stress me out every time I walked in. Thank you Simplify!!!"

E.C., Williamsville, NY

Apartment 1.png

"My place was a disaster, now it is organized, I feel like a new person! I had moved in and did not have a proper place for things, nor was I particularly up to the task of the overwhelming clutter.  Amy was able to sift through it and isolate the things that obviously needed to be donated or trashed. Then she took my input and got some solutions in place for helping stay organized with kids school papers, clothes, and some new items that I needed. I didn't want to have to be heavily involved in the decision making minutiae, so she took care of that and did it well. I am very happy that I have a sustainably organizable living space because of what she did! Thank you, I highly recommend Simplify Buffalo!

A.T.  Buffalo, NY


"A lifetime of scattered photos are all gathered into one orderly space and now it only takes a glance into my newly streamlined pantry to see what I need to add to my grocery list. What a relief! Thank you Simplify!"

C.M., Clarence, NY


"Amy was so wonderful to work with. We made a great team by emptying out cabinets and cupboards. She rearranged and organized everything so that I now feel like I have a brand new kitchen. I found many duplicates and purchases that I’m going to try to avoid doing in the future! I highly, highly recommend Amy."

R.G., Buffalo, NY