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How to tastefully and respectfully give the gift of professional home organizing

A session with a professional home organizer can be an extremely helpful, life-changing gift – and with the rise in popularity of organizing shows like The Home Edit on Netflix, it can be a trendy, clutter-free present to give this holiday season!

However, there are several caveats and considerations to keep in mind:

Do: Ensure the gift recipient wants to get organized

This goes beyond your friend or loved one complaining that their house is a mess or that they can never seem to get organized. This means that they’ve specifically told you that they want help getting organized and love the idea of working with a professional organizer. The important difference is in the mind-set of the recipient, ensuring they are ready and willing to tackle organizing projects – and open their home to a (non-judgmental, confidential) professional.

Don’t: Assume it’s too expensive

Organizing can come in all shapes and sizes – from days’-long, in-person sessions to virtual, 1-hour coaching consultations to help “get the ball rolling”. Fees vary dramatically, and even a one-hour organizing consultation can help a person understand where to start and how to be most productive with their organizing.

Do: Understand the full cost to complete the desired project

Many options exist – from 1 hour “action planning” sessions to multi-session packages – so make sure you are setting the recipient up for success by booking enough time to accomplish their goals. If your wife wants to overhaul her entire master closet, 2 hours is not going to cut it. Most professional organizers will be happy to discuss specific goals and corresponding packages which can bring those visions to life. Any storage solutions or products used are incremental costs as well, so be planful and ensure the recipient is on board with funding any additional costs.

Don’t: Be afraid to inquire

Almost every professional organizer is used to working one-on-one with clients to tailor their solutions to the client’s needs. They are happy to confidentially discuss the situation and propose solutions – don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions so they can guide you through the process.

A session with a professional organizer can be the perfect gift for someone who “has everything” – especially when done tastefully. Happy gift giving!

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