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Six DIY Tips to Simplify and Stage Your House for Sale

Getting your house ready to sell and not sure where to start? Begin with these 6 simple tips - they are low cost, easy to DIY and are the key to allowing buyers to see past clutter and see potential! Whether you're a homeowner, realtor or friend who is helping prepare a house for sale, these concepts are invaluable for maximizing the resale value of a home.

And, even if you're not listing your home for sale, you may find these tips useful to improve the visual appeal and function of your space. It's just like the HGTV shows where they prepare their house for sale and then say, "We should have done that sooner!"

Tip #1: Simplify surfaces!

Put away extra books, picture frames and decorative objects so shelves don't feel too crowded. With fewer items, the buyer can focus on the features of your house, rather than your personal affects.

Tip #2: Show off those floors!

Remove small area rugs, such as entry mats and bathmats, to show off the full extent of your floors.

Tip #3: Let windows and walls shine!

Remove curtains that keep your windows from showing off their true size or make the space feel dated or dark. Minimize the amount of artwork on the walls so buyers can focus on the room.

Tip #4: Keep countertops clear!

Limit the items on your kitchen and bathroom countertops to one to two items that anchor the space, like a fruit bowl or vase. Put your toothbrushes away!

Tip #5: White, white, and more white!

When in doubt on what to use for bedding, towels, shower curtains and accessories, use white. It's light, bright, clean and goes with everything.

Tip #6: Furniture matters!

Remove excess furniture from a room. You need just enough to show off the room's purpose but keep the space feeling roomy. Consider the layout - allow buyers to flow freely through the space – both when they do a walk-through or visually through images or video.

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