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The best way to avoid the holiday shipping panic this year

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Let's just start by saying everything about 2020 is crazy. And like clockwork, the craziness of 2020 is infiltrating the holidays - creating stress and anxiety when we haven't even reached Halloween yet. All this talk about long shipping times, better order now, it's Prime Day, get your shopping done, SALE!!!.... Let's take a pause.

Consider this practical way for you to take a step back from that holiday shopping madness - and do a favor for yourself or someone else at the same time.

My proposal: give and receive [some] "intangible" gifts this year. Less physical objects, more experiences. Less shipping charges, more memories. The reason I say "some" is that I also want to be realistic - and it's not realistic for most people to do a 100% conversion from tangible to intangible right away. But hopefully you will find over time that these intangible gifts become more desirable than the tangible things.

Here are my top 5 ideas for kids and adults, to inspire you to aspire to a less "tangible" holiday season:

5 Intangible Gift Ideas for Kids:

  1. Subscription boxes (here’s a link to the top rated ones; we have loved BookRoo)

  2. Kid magazine subscriptions – like Bravery Mag, Highlights, Ranger Rick…

  3. One-on-one dates for parent/child (to a favorite restaurant or even an over-the-top at home "spa" day)

  4. Membership or passes to children’s museums, play centers, zoos…

  5. Tickets to the movies or a theater show like Paw Patrol Live/Disney on Ice

5 Intangible Gift Ideas for Grown-Ups:

  1. An experience - try one through Tinggly or Great American Days – redeemable across US and even around the world

  2. Be creative! Wine-lover? Book a Zoom call with a local sommelier to do a wine tasting. Foodie? Book a private chef to cook dinner! I’ve seen a lot of creative business ideas emerge over the pandemic that may surprise you.

  3. Spa gift certificate – better yet if this involves going with a friend, sister or mom.

  4. Babysitting! A restaurant/movie gift card would pair well with this 😊

  5. And for someone who already “has everything”? How about a session with a professional organizer to organize that “everything”? Click here to learn more about the gift of organization.

Or if you really want to avoid material gifts from family or friends, try this “One Less Gift” exemption certificate.

Share your ideas or the non-material "things" you like to give and receive below in the comments!

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