The Process

So how does this work?

We’ll start with a confidential consultation to discuss your vision and project scope – the what, why and how.  I like to start with understanding your pain points, challenges, and habits, so I can develop long-term, sustainable solutions.

The process will then follow these steps:

  1. Take inventory

  2. Significantly reduce and simplify your belongings

  3. Organize using systems​

We can work in whichever style feels right for you:

  1. Coaching: I can coach you and get you started, then you take the reigns to complete the project (this is right for who want to take the plunge into organizing their home, but need a jumpstart)

  2. Partnering: We can work side-by-side – I will coach and guide you while helping you get your space under control as efficiently as possible (this may be right for you if you have the time to invest, would like to learn organizing methodology, and like to be involved in all decisions)

  3. Full-Service: I can organize or stage your space for you - level-setting first on vision and project scope (this may be right for you if you’re tight on time, paralyzed with the idea of starting your project, and want to just have “veto” power vs. making every decision)

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